Knee Pain- Signs, Reasons, Physiotherapy treatment, Physical exercises | Things to prevent knee pain

Knee pain

Knee pain is the common problem for many of us. Knee pain is occurring because of sudden injury or disease like arthritis. When you move your leg, walking, sitting and standing movement raise the pain in the knee joints. Knees has three bones femur (upper leg bone), tibia (front lower leg bone), patella (front bone in kneecap), bone surface covered by cartilage (elastic tissue) used for the movement of leg. Sports injury, arthritis, osteoarthritis, sudden wrong leg move can cause damage to the ligaments and cartilage tends to knee pain.

What are the Signs of knee pain?

  • Pain during leg movement
  • Walking, pain rising when sitting and standing
  • Pain when lifting and giving strain in knee joint is what can cause knee pain and inflammation
  • Swelling and warm knee
  • Stiffness in knee

What are the Reasons for knee pain?

  • Overstressing the knee
  • Degenerative disorder
  • Infection and injuries
  • Arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis

Knee pain can be divided into two types are,

Acute knee pain :  it occurs because of trauma, ligament injury and cartilage injury in bone joint will cause knee pain. Its duration is duration is 7 to 10 days.

Chronic knee pain : chronic pain occurs because of arthritis, osteoarthritis, infection in the bones cause bone damage, swelling, redness in the knee joint. Duration of knee pain exceeds 3 weeks means you should consult the doctor.

How physiotherapy treatment helps with knee pain relief than other treatment,

Physiotherapy treatment for knee pain relief is a nonsurgical treatment. A professional and experienced physiotherapist can alleviate your knee pain ease than think compared to the conventional treatment. The surgical method will affect the daily activity, needs little time to walk, painful treatment. People will prefer nonsurgical treatment than surgical method. Physiotherapy treatment do not need much time, you can schedule the treatment on your own, physical exercises are enough to rehabilitate the knee pain problem. It does not affect daily activity the methods used for physiotherapy are,

  • Ice and heat massage (ice and cold packs to relax muscles and pain in knee)
  • Electric stimulation (electric current therapy given to the knee joint to reduce injury and strengthen joint muscles)
  • Ultrasound technique (technique will give to the pain area to aggravate the knee pain). It shows the structures of bones, ligaments, joint

Physical examination in physiotherapy for knee pain

A physiotherapist will do a complete physical examination of your knee pain like if you have pain during lifting, walking, sitting, leg movement, how much do u feel, touch and find where you get more pain, how long do u have pain, see the structures of knee joint.

A physiotherapist will find using tools how long your leg is bending or it creates any pain during bending, evaluate for direct physical exercise treatment or the above-mentioned treatments.

Depending on the intense of knee pain, Physiotherapist provides the treatment for complete recovery from knee pain.

What are the things to do for preventing knee pain?

Reduce body weight : Your body weight is one of the reasons for knee pain if you increase 2kg weight it gives 2x times more stress to the knee cause knee joint pain. So reduce body weight by eating dry fruits and vegetables.

Consult physiotherapist : Consult a professional physiotherapist for knee pain to get a non-invasive treatment. Physiotherapy can give knee joint pain treatment and give arthritis knee treatment without any pain. They will analyze and give severe knee pain relief. You can get your daily usual life during physiotherapy treatment for knee pain; it is not possible in other treatments.

Avoid knee corrosion : Knee corrosion can be reduced by overuse of knee by running, strain to knee. Climbing upstairs like that unless necessary needs.

Avoid injuries : Avoid physical injury in the knee like a sports injury, jogging, cycling, low strengthen muscles in knee fall you down, and skip these kinds of knee stressing activities if you have knee pain. These types of activities may be tightening your muscles in the knee which helps to prevent bones and tissue damage. Even though, avoid overuse of knee which helps to prevent knee corrosion.

Do physical exercises : Do the physical exercises which suggested by the physiotherapist. Do not skip those exercises which will help for complete relief of knee pain. Physiotherapy exercise is best pain reliever for knee pain.

Physiotherapy exercises for knee pain relief

Walking : Do walking for 5 to 10 minutes daily, it won’t exceeds if you have knee pain.

Leg exercise : lie on the floor, bend one knee and another should move little upwards in straight action. Do it for 10 minutes. This is quadriceps (front thigh muscles) muscles strengthening exercise.

Standing one leg movement : stand then move one lower leg backward keep it for 5 minutes. You can take the support of table or chair. This is for back thigh muscles which protect the damage to the knee.

Leg straightens exercise : lie flat on the stomach then slowly lift your leg upwards keep it for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise for 5 minutes to strengthen the muscles, because weak muscles can cause knee pain.

Side leg rises : Lie on the floor on one side, lift one leg upwards and keep it for few seconds. Repeat it for 5 times daily.

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