Genu Varum – Physiotherapy Treatment, Causes, Symptoms and prevention

Genu varum

Genu varum is bone deformity in knees together with an ankle like bowlegged, bandy leg in which the knees turn outward and ankles turn inward as a bow like a shape while standing. This bone deformation would affect infants and adolescence. Genu varum occurs maximum by birth because the baby cramped position in the womb and the bow-shaped leg formation will get normal straighten position after 18 to 20 months when baby starts to walking, there is no need of effective treatment to fix normal position.

What are the causes of Genu varum?

Vitamin D deficiency

  • Genu varum is mainly caused by a child who has Vitamin D deficiency which makes the bones less strong and becomes softly tends to bowleg formation.

No replacement of new bone tissue

  • The bone’s old tissues will replace the new bone tissues which will be disrupted and affect the bone renovation in the body. This disruption leads to bowlegged.

Growth Disorder of Bone

  • It is also called as tibia vara which causes the ankle turns inward and knees turn outward which shows like bowlegged which will continue till adolescence stage if not noticeable and leads to arthritis.
  • Abnormal bone formation in the knees also makes Genu varum which will not give pain while walking or standing but will make discomfort while walking.

Arthritis for aged persons

  • “Arthritis might cause bowlegged which breaks the tissues in the knee joints and make pain and stiffness for aged peoples.


  • Infection which disrupts the normal growth of bone in the body which will tend to bow-legged and other skeletal problems, cancer also may the reasons for Genu varum mostly among aged people.

Fractured bones

  • It will cause bowlegged if it is not healed properly long time.

Symptoms of bow legged

Genu varum signs can be recognized easily by,

  • Bowlegged while the child walking and standing.
  • Long gap between two knees.
  • Discomfort walking pattern, it does not create any pain.

Risk factor

Arthritis is a risk factor for Genu varum if it not treated from childhood. Children should take to the doctor if not getting straighten leg after 18 months or beyond age 2 years.

Diagnosis of Genu varum

  • Genu varum can be diagnosed by the physical examination of bones as X-ray to see the exact shape of the bone and its growth, blood tests to check other diseases like Paget’s disease and measure the bone and leg while walking helps to diagnose the condition of Genu varum.

Prevention of Genu varum

There is no preventing treatment for bow-legged babies but can be avoided naturally,

  • Vitamin D, exposure of skin from sunlight.
  • Exercise for lower limb, joints, breathing exercise is pre action for Genu varum.
  • Simple hand and leg exercise for babies will help to recover from bowlegged.

Get the advice from your doctor and do some simple exercises daily such as

  • Leg straightens.
  • Lie on the floor then slowly bent the legs to upward.
  • simple leg movements, yoga. This exercise suits for adolescence too.

What will do after Genu varum?

Treatments for Genu varum


  • Physiotherapy treatment can be taken to see the long-term and rehabilitate of disease like Erb’s palsy Ulnar, nerve injury and all bone issues especially, for the correction of bowlegged by neurological therapies, hand therapy for babies and exercises without any pills and side effects.
  • Human at the age of 25 also have sudden paralysis due to the nerves problem can get rehabilitated by doing physical exercise. Physiotherapists will guide to perform exercises.

Compare to other surgical treatments physiotherapy provide best results like,

  • Complete rehabilitation.
  • No medications.
  • No surgical procedure and no pain.
  • Patients can do daily usual activity; it is not possible after surgery.
  • No side effects.

Nonsurgical treatment

  • Surgery is not needed for physiologic Genu varum; it will cure as self slowly before the 18 months. Vitamin D deficiency can be managed by nutrient rich foods. If Genu varum found out early, braces are used to support legs to walk.

Surgical treatment

  • It is a surgical treatment to cut a part of excess bone below the shin in the leg for the correction of bowlegged and avoid growing of excess bones and straighten the bone formation
  • Surgical methods can prefer only in worse case. After surgery, crutches used to walk and physiotherapy exercise is needed for some time to get full-time recovery, strengthen the bone.

Bottom line : Do physical exercise, nutrient food diet and physiotherapy will help to avoid Genu varum and complications of arthritis. We have rehabilitated several patients from complex conditions.