Welcome to CARE Physiotherapy Clinic

CARE Physiotheraphy Clinic is an alternative medicine for the better living.

Our clinic is the best solution for all Arthritis, neurological problems and all sort of pains such as Neck, Knee, Back, Upper, Shoulder, Spinal, Hip, Hand and leg.


Our Doctor

Dr. G. Nimalan, B.P.T., M.I.A.P, MPT

The Physiotherapy Consultant

Dr. G. Nimalan, B.P.T., M.I.A.P, MPT who is a renowed Physiotherapist with 20+ years of experience and treated more than 15000+ patients. He is Specialised in pediatric therapy and hand therapy. He is a lifetime member of Indian Association Of Physiotherapist (I.A.P) and holds the bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from...


Muscle strain Arthritis – Degeneration of Vertebral Facets Spondylosis – Disc Degeneration Cervical Disc Herniation...

Muscle strain(catch) Ligament sprain Facet Syndrome Sacroilliac joint dysfunction Piriformis Syndrome – Pain in the...

Lordosis kyphosis Scoliosis Spinal Postural Correction

Rotator Cuff injuries Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) Impingement Syndrome Painful arc syndrome Supraspinatus tendinitis Infraspinatus...

Tennis elbow (lateral epiconylitis) Golfer’s elbow (medial epiconylitis) Olecranon Bursitis (Minor’s Elbow) Nerve entrapment syndromes...

Tendonitis or strain of any hip muscles Iliotibial tract syndrome Trochantric Bursitis / Snapping hip...

Ligament sprains Joint capsule fibrosis Osteo-Arthritis (OA) Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Muscle strains / tendonitis Prepatellar...

Muscle strains Achilles tendinitis Ankle sprain Plantar fascitis / Heel (calcaneal) spurs Nerve entrapment syndromes...

We provide rehabilitation therapy to Geriatric patients in our physiotherapy clinic. Common Geriatric conditions we...

We provide treatment to increase the Joint Space Reduction and reduce the Genuvarum deformity.

Brachial plexus injury Muscular Dystrophy Cereberal Palsy Global developmental delay

Erb’s palsy Klumpke’s paralysis Radial nerve injury Ulnar nerve injury Median nerve injury Sciatic nerve...

  Hand Reimplant Tendon Repair Hand Contracture Burns Contracture

Back pain and radiating down to legs Neck pain and radiating down to arms Shoulder...


  • Clinic is good, well maintained and neat

    Stanley John

    Stanley John

  • Treatments are really good by an experienced doctor and handle almost all issues tactfully.



  • As said the name CARE , the complete care has taken to each patient. Really an exact way for perfect treatment undoubtedly as from my experience..God has showed us this clinic for our nerves problem and now the wonders are happening for us. Hospitality and staffs are very good. Its a right destination for complete physio care. Dr. NIMALAN is so kind n cool, professionally strong, technically sound, patient friendly, care taker, good analyser straight forward. We wish God bless him abundantly.

    Dhivya Prem

    Dhivya Prem

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    Subash Chandra Bose Elango